Dralon® top quality fiber

The traditional brand Dralon® is the world's leading acrylic fiber manufacturer. Innovative strength, consistent product optimisation and reliability in service and delivery have made dralon® the favourite acrylic fiber of many high quality brands – in the field of home textiles, fashion and sports gear. 

The brand Dralon® stands for a special class of fiber which is defined by the BISFA (the International Bureau for the Standardization of Man-Made-Fibers) and ISO 2076. The special and unique spinning method marks Dralon® out from other acrylic fibers

Dralon® means softness and warmth, but also durability, tear strength and sustainable bright colours. With dralon® , fashion is true to its original form, shrink-proof and tough, warm yet light. It is also easy to clean and no dry-cleaning is necessary: it dries very quickly. Very important for baby / kidswear is that it is skin irrititation- and allergies proof.