The dreams of Alex & Jolie are transformed into reality, not only in our Head Office in Amsterdam, but also in the factory and small workshops in Spain. 

The factory and the workshops are like our family and have more than 40 years of production experience with several international luxury brands and smaller designers. 

With a two hours drive from Valencia, located in the beautiful countryside, makes the trip there a real pleasant experience each time.

Both the factory and small workshops are family companies, run from generation to generation. Honesty, transparency and fun are important values in the factory, not only by using the best fabrics, yarns, trims and the best skilled workers, but mainly by a lot of pleasure and laughing during the work.

The workshops are selected for their excellent way of craftmanship and their obvious devotion to the beautiful accessories they make. Each item is handmade and the best local raw materials have been selected, made under the best conditions.

The garments are made with love and care: what is visible in the garments: high quality seamless knits to last with a luxury soft feel, hand-made finishings with great attention to detail, showing the partly Spanish Heritage of this brand.