Hello, we are Alex and Jolie. Half Spanish, half Dutch. 
In the year 2015 we came into this world as two little angels.
Born and grown up in an international fashion family, we
inherited the fashion-dna at a very young age.
Getting a lot of compliments on the way we dress, but missing
the stylish clothing we like, we decided to start our own brand:
ALEX & JOLIE, hell yeah! A mix of our roots, fusing Classic
Spanish with a Dutchy twist, for boys and girls from 0-4 years.
We dream up the collection in Holland, while our Spanish
family transforms our dreams into reality.
We always wear our secret masks, our special power. With the
mask over our eyes we fly to that place where we most love to
be, into our magic world of ALEX & JOLIE.
We would love for you to become our friend, put on your
special mask and fly with us....